Towel Tug-Of-War Sees Sock Reward Fan

A Wimbledon towel is a highly sought after prize at The Championships – for every player and fan. So when Jack Sock threw his towel to a young fan, who had leaned forward to request a Wimbledon momento on Tuesday, the spectator was delighted.

Sadly, an older gentleman forcibly wrestled it from the teenager’s clutches and soon left Court No. 8. Sock was unaware of the incident, only finding out later after watching the footage.

The American then took to social media:

The mum of World No.1 Andy Murray, Judy Murray, also chimed in with a bid to help remedy the situation for the young fan.

The Irish teenager, who has not been identified, later made contact with Sock via Instagram. A substitute towel – and an invitation to future matches – had being swiftly dispatched to the fan, who has returned to Ireland.

The US Open Twitter channel also got in touch, triggering a ‘Towel Slam’, with the Australian Open and Roland Garros also responding to say they would send towels to the fan.

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